Gunnar Minds, M.Sc.M.E

born 1937 is the main innovator of AC-Sun's technology. Gunnar Minds has worked with cooling systems the last 50 years. He has been involved in numerous product development projects around the world and is highly respected in the cooling environment.




AC-Sun Holding


AC-Sun Board members representing AC-Sun Holding is:
Bo Rhein Knudsen,
business angel investor


Bo Rhein-Knudsen, B.Sc. (Elec. Eng.), Chairman of the Board

born 1953 and CEO at Aalborg Engineering A/S. Bo Rhein-Knudsen has a long career as engineer and director of sales and projects in the energy and other industries.



Among the investors are also: 

John Steen Jensen, Electrotechnician

born 1952, who is owner and CEO of ECO-Vent. Eco-Vent is a danish developer, manufacturer and supplier of components and systems  used for balanced heat recovery ventilation.


CAPNOVA (Formerly Østjysk / East Jutland Innovation)

Investor - $25m private/public seed fund
CAPNOVA works with the unique business potential in newly established innovative companies based on research results or a high knowledge content. 

AC-Sun's board member member representing CAPNOVA is: 

Søren Nipper, Investment Manager at CAPNOVA

Søren Nipper works with the establishment of businesses based on innovative ideas and inventions in areas like ICT and Cleantech, and looks for and assesses new business ideas in these areas. Søren Nipper has many years of experience both in Denmark and abroad with business development, technology assessment, and advice within the ICT industry.


Investor. Insero is a $150m early stage venture fund.  Insero invests in new enterprises, projects and innovative research in the fields of energy and ICT.

AC-Sun's board member representing Insero is:

Mogens Vig Pedersen, CEO at AC-Sun & CEO at Insero

Mogens has been the CEO of Insero since 2008 and has the overall responsibility for all Insero companies and the Insero Horsens foundation. He has many years of leadership experience from one of the leading GTS institutions in Denmark – Teknologisk Institut - and a professional background in product development and wind turbine technology. In Horsens, Mogens is a board member in the Eliteidrætsråd and Klimarådet. He is a trained engineer and holds an E-MBA in Change Management.