It is possible to use the AC-Sun technology for various different applications and also to scale the technology to almost any needed size. Click on “Applications” on the menu to the top to read more. 

The heat input to the buffer tank can vary from 60oC to 100oC or higher. It is however necessary to be able to get rid of waste heat from the condensers at a lower temperature (outside temperature or swimming pool temperature).  

A turbine consists of one expander and one compressor. Depending on the outside temperature more than one compressor could be needed. The compressors can be mounted in parallel or in series. If mounted in parallel the difference between outside and inside temperature can be bigger. If mounted in series the cooling capacity will increase. The expanders that drives the compressors can also be mounted in series or in parallel depending on the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature in the buffer tank. The arrangement of turbines is not required to be the same on the expander side as on the compressor side. One side could be in parallel and the other side in series. 

The cooling capacity of the system can be also scaled up. At the moment AC-Sun is working on a system with a cooling capacity of 8 kW to 12 kW, but the exact same technology can be used for a 100 kW cooling system or higher.  

We face the challenge in designing very small systems, because small turbines run very fast and it is difficult to make bearing systems for turbines running 300.000 RPM or 400.000 RPM. 

When up-scaling the system, the turbines run slower and make the bearing challenge smaller.