Market segments

Given its broad platform of applications the core AC-Sun technology is relevant to a number of different market segments. 

The market for domestic air condition systems (10 kW) is experiencing dramatic growth in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Given a competitive price-performance ratio and given increasing political push for energy efficient a/c systems, the AC-Sun technology also could take segments of the existing a/c market in USA and Southern Europe. 

High-performance a/c systems (50 kW) for which the AC-technology is well suited will be in growing demand in industry and business in e.g. the BRIC countries. 

An interesting market will be add-on services in public and private utility operations (e.g. water supply, electricity production, district heating), using surplus heating in AC-Sun systems for a number of different purposes, see more about this under Applications

There is a big potential for using the AC-Sun technology in ships for cooling, electricity and desalination purposes. 

We see possibilities also in the land transport sector (using exhaust gas from trucks and buses), however, the scope of this market remains to be confirmed.