AC-Sun’s technology is very eco-friendly. The only medias in the system is water and a little internal oil system to lubricate the bearing systems for the turbines. There are thus no chemical cooling agents (CFC, HFC, etc.) used at all.

When the technology is used for air-conditioning, like the demo units that we are working on at the moment, the power consumption is down to 10% of that of a normal air-conditioning system.  

Force Institute, that is an independent third party institute, has made a carbon footprint calculation of the AC-Sun system and compared it to average AC-systems and Best Available Technology BAT.  

“The major finding is that the provisioning of air conditioning using AC-Sun has a carbon footprint of approximately 390 kg CO2-equivalents per year, while the average AC-system and the BAT AC-system have carbon footprints of respectively 6680 and 2970 kg CO2-equivalents per year” 



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