Today, air conditioning is one of the world's largest consumers of electricity, greatly impacting global emissions of CO2. The consumption of energy peaks when the sun provides the earth with the most heat. Therefore, it is obvious that we use solar energy to drive the water cooling system, thereby minimizing the electricity consumption of the AC unit.

We turn solar heat into cooling with a minimum use of electrical power. With a combination of low pressure turbines and using water as refrigerant our pantented technology creates efficient cooling from solar heat featuring:

  • 90% savings on electric power
  • 85% reduction in carbon emissions
  • No chemical refrigerants - only water

AC-Sun's mission is to bring this thermal air conditioning solution driven by solar panels to the market. 


Picture: AC-Sun's first prototype with the innovators 


We seek partnership with one or more (industrial) investors for production, marketing and distribution of the AC-Sun system.